Generating Traffic To Your Website

Now that you have a website for your business, you want to make sure that people see it. A website is no good to you if no one actually knows it’s out there. Believe it or not, there are deliberate steps you can take to ensure that people start visiting your site fast and on a consistent basis. There is more and more information on this topic every day, but here are just a few of top things you can do to start generating traffic to your new website.

Search Engine Optimization
You may have wondered how the internet selects the sites in web search listings. There’s actually a clearly defined system as to how those websites are selected for the results based on keywords appearing consistently in your website. Ensuring that key words appear in your website titles and text makes it easy for web crawlers to find your site when pulling listings for search requests related to your field.

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)
Pay per click advertising allows you to advertise your website on other sites on the web, but you only pay for those ads when someone actually clicks on them and visits your site. The provider places ads on appropriate and related sites and you even have the option to establish daily ‘click’ limits to control your budget.

Participate in forums
Online forums are places where consumers, experts, and other interested parties go to discuss, ask questions, and give answers about almost every industry, product, and topic on the planet. Participate in forums related to your industry to provide useful information to consumers about your business and always include a link to your site in your signature. It’s a great way to build exposure and awareness about your company.

Issue press releases
Press releases are a great way to generate interest and traffic to your website. They are often available on the web for a long time and will always include links to your site. However, it’s important to only issue press releases when there’s something truly noteworthy happening in your business. Take every quality opportunity to issue a press release about new products, services, or advancements in your industry.

Start a company newsletter
Visitors to your site should have the opportunity to subscribe to a free weekly or monthly newsletter associated with your company. Make sure that the newsletter has valuable, readable information so that recipients will be encouraged to forward the newsletter to friends and colleagues. The newsletter should include your website linking information to attract new and repeat visitors.

Start a company blog
If you start a company blog on your site about your services and industry that is useful and up to date, people that find it helpful will issue links to your blog in other sources. If you have a blog that’s not directly linked to your webpage, occasionally make appropriate references to your website and include a link.

Advertise offline
Even though just about every element of our lives is conducted over the internet, it’s still a good idea to do some offline advertising for your website. Include your website address on your stationary, business cards and all print material and perhaps even look into advertising your business and website in local papers and other advertising media.

There are many different ways to generate traffic to your new website. With just a little bit of effort and attention, you can start seeing visitors to your website as soon as it goes live.

Online webstore

We offer an Online Webstore & Online Catalogue System for clients that wish to show a number of products online, and who may wish to sell their products online. Our software is an ecommerce solution which offers clients the possibility of having an online shop or showroom at a low cost.

We developed our own ecommerce solution because we found the existing alternatives to be too expensive and too cumbersome to use. At Electric Multiverses , we have in-house website development capabilities that allow us to build a website to cater for any specific or unique features that a client may wish to include in their website.

One of the most attractive features of  our e-commerce software is that the data can be uploaded from an Excel file. Picture files can easily be uploaded provided that the file names for the pictures correspond with the item code for the product.

We can customise its Online Webstore or Online Catalogue to add any unique features or processes that our clients require. Our existing Content Management System can be added to the Online Webstore or Online Catalogue. The addition of the CMS function allows clients greater flexibility in editing and updating the menu pages of their website.

We can advise clients as to which payment systems will best suit their requirements and their budgets.

Online interaction

We can provide links and interaction with the latest consumer websites like Blogspot, Youtube, Twitter, Ebay, Facebook, Myspace, Flicker, and more……. 

Interaction with the latest mass market media websites is increasingly relevant for website owners that are marketing their products to the consumer market. These websites provide excellent opportunities for internet marketing. Creating links to these websites can generate additional ‘referred’ traffic to your website, and can increase the relevance of your website to the Search Engines. 

We can  also develop a strategy for its clients to ensure that their website will increase and retain its relevance in the ever-changing internet world of Blogs, Youtube, Twitter, Ebay, Facebook, Myspace, Flicker, etc. 

Websites like Youtube can be used as a means of uploading large video files with a link to your website. Blogs can be created to contain a sample of your website content and introduce an additional ‘listing opportunity’ in the seach engines. 

Twitter can similarly be used as an extra listing opportunity, but can also be used as a constant means of adding content to your website and updating your online profile on an on-going basis. Regular updates on Twitter can add an unrivalled dynamic to your website because updates can be made on an hour-by-hour basis (if you have the time and can see the benefit). 

Internet marketing


Our Web Design offers Internet Marketing Services. The aim of internet marketing is to increase the number of visitors to a client’s website. Increasing the amount of traffic on a given website is achieved by making it easier for the Search Engines to find the website, and by increasing the relevance of the website to the Search Engines.

To see how you we can help you to increase the number of visitors to your site via the free listings, visit our Search Listings page or click here.

Our Web Design offer services to clients that wish to improve their website traffic instantly, using the ‘pay per click’ advertising services provided by Google, Yahoo, etc. To establish a Pay per Click campaign does not require complicated web design or internet marketing skills. The objective is to choose the most relevant search words or keywords, AND to achieve the lowest cost per click for each different keyword.

‘Search words’ or ‘keywords’ refers to the words that internet users choose to search for a given service. For example, if someone is looking for gifts online they may use a range of search word combinations like – “gifts”, “gifts Ireland”, “gifts for him”, “birthday gifts”, “cheap gifts”, “romantic gifts”.

The more generic keywords like ‘gifts’ will be more competitive, and it will cost more per click to get a 1st page placing for your ad. More specific keywords like ‘romantic gifts’ will cost less per click for a 1st placing. Highly specific keywords like ‘romantic gifts for sale’ or ‘wine gift sets’ will cost even less per click for a 1st page placing.
Electric Multiverses can help clients to develop a Pay per Click campaign to optimise the range of keywords and the cost per click. We can also manage your campaign on an on-going basis to ensure that your campaign operates within your budget constraints. We can adjust your campaign to achieve your objectives in terms website visitor levels and sales enquiry levels.

Electric Multiverses can provide weekly, monthly or annual reports that show website traffic levels, most effective keywords, internet sources of visitors, website pages most viewed, and much more.

Search listing

We design websites to be ‘search engine friendly’. We design websites that are easy for the Search Engines to find, which are easy for them to navigate through, and which they find easy to understand.

The objective of the Search Engine (like Google, Yahoo) is to list websites in order of their importance according to whatever search word (or keyword) that the internet user enters. Search engines judge the importance of a website according to a number of different criterion. Some of the most important factors are as follows:

  1. Website Size – the number of menu pages, the amount of text content, and the amount of non-text content (picture files & other files);
  2. Keyword Content – the inclusion of an appropriate number of relevant keywords in the website;
  3. Website Structure – the ease with which the site can be navigated;
  4. Website Language – the use of a ‘source code’ that can be understood by the Search Engines; to understand;
  5. Website Updates – the frequency with which the website is updated;
  6. Links to the Website – the existence & number of external links TO the website from other 3rd party websites and online directory websites. For more information on links visit our ‘Link Campaigns’ page or click here for more info….

Search Engine Optimisation

In the Website Design or Internet Marketing industry, the process of making a website ‘search engine friendly’ is called Search Engine Optimisation or SEO. We can create an SEO campaign for it’s web design clients, and for clients who have already had a website designed by a previous web design company.

Our SEO campaigns have proven to be highly successful for a number of our clients to date. Our SEO campaigns can vary in scope and duration according to the current status of the client’s website, the nature of the client’s business, the level of competition in existence for the desired keywords, and the scale of competitor websites.

Web development

Website Development services are relevant to clients that wish to develop a unique website that contains features unique to their business. Our Web Design has developed its own software for Content Management, Online Shopping, Online Catalogue Systems, Time Keeping and Time Management. We are currently developing an Order Tracking System.

Our Web Design has developed ‘web based’ software for clients that wish to (a.) have a unique website and/or (b.) include sales & administration processes online in order to simplify their sales process.

Website Development – or Web Programming – is more flexible than computer programming. Software systems can be developed online to replicate or simplify sales procedures. By producing an online software system, clients can automate their sales administration internally, or can allow their customers to place orders and specify their requirements online.

Perhaps the best example of success in this area are the airlines websites which allow consumers to buy online, check-in online and to provide passport information online.

Online Sales Systems

Website Development is increasingly relevant to companies that want to regularise their sales systems. Online Sales Administration Systems allow management to create a step-by-step process for their staff to create sales orders, ensuring that all administration procedures are complied with. The advantage of website programming is that it is more flexible and cost-efficient than software programming.

Web-based sales administration systems have the benefit of allowing access from any location with internet access. Sales documents and sales invoices can by imported to accounting systems to ensure that stock levels and financial data is up-dated on an on-going basis.

Web Design Testimonials

Horizon Wind

“We had a meeting with Electric Multiverses to discuss our website design. Two weeks later we had an excellent website! Our website shows that we are a professional company – and it includes a Photo Gallery that shows a wide range of our previous projects – it is an great advert for our company!”

Pat Clancy, Horizon Wind

Bat Marketing

I found Electric Multiverses very easy to deal with. They assessed what type of website that I needed for my business, they helped me to obtain ‘links’ to my suppliers websites, and they produced a very effective website at a competitive price and without any time-wasting. I’m very happy with the results”

Val Bates, Bat Marketing

My best flat iron

I am very impressed with the results – E-flow Web Design listened to my requirements and provided me with a website that looks great and is easy to navigate.

Donna Wright, My best Flat Iron Management


Content management

Electric Multiverses has developed its own in-house Content Managemen System. A Content Management System (CMS) allows the client to design, create, edit and update their own website independently of a web designer. In effect, a CMS system allows the client to become the web designer (without having to have any design skills). 

Low Cost 

One advantage of a Content Management System is that it can be cheaper means of creating your own website. In fact, it is possible to download a CMS system for free on the internet (e.g. Joomla). At Electric Multiverses, we created our own CMS software because the existing systems were cumbersome, difficult to use, inflexible and not user-friendly. 

Our CMS option is simple and easy to use – it uses many functions that are similar to MS Word. Electric Multiverses offer training and telephone support for their content management system. 


The most important advantage of a CMS system is that it allows the user to make edit and update their website on an on-going basis without the assistance of their web designer. 

Our CMS system can be added to its regular web design options. This allows clients to have a professionally designed website – PLUS the facility to make changes or additions to their website on a regular basis. 

Our CMS software is an excellent means of creating regular newsletters for your website, for adding to picture galleries, and for creating links to interactive websites like Youtube, Myspace, Twitter, Blogs, etc. 

Online Webstore & Catalogue System 

Our Content Management System can also be added to our Online Webstore or Online Catalogue System.

Link campaigns

Electric Multiverses can provide services to improve website connectivity – and its relevance to the search engines – by creating listings on Trade or Consumer Directories, and by creating links with other websites that are relevant to the client website.

To assess your website’s importance, the Search Engines check to see if your website has links FROM 3rd party websites. A link to your website FROM another website is interpreted (by the Search Engines) as being an indication that your website is important enough to be visited and to be assessed by the Search Engine. The more links that your website has from 3rd party websites, the more more important your website will be to the Search Engines.

Links TO your website from Directory Listings or Directory websites are particularly important to the Search Engines. Some online directories are free, whereas others (e.g. Golden Pages) will charge for the listing.

Electric Multiverses can develop and implement a Links Campaign to increase the relevance of your website to the Search Engines, thereby improving your website’s placing in the free listings of the Search Engines. For more information on how to improve your website’s placing in the free listings of the Search Engines visit our ‘Search Engines’ page or click here…
Electric Multiverses can also provide links and interaction with the latest consumer websites like Youtube, Google Maps, Twitter, Ebay, Facebook, Myspace, Flicker…

Website Design

Electric Multiverse’s website design services are geared towards the small to medium sized business sector. If you are worried that your budget is too small, or that your requirements are too complicated, you can relax – we offer a variety of website design options and we possess website development capabilities to create customised features on all of our websites.

Electric Multiverse’s web design options include a basic low budget website with 4 pages of content, an 8 page mid-budget website, and a multipage website which will cater for most businesses.

Content Management Systems

Electric Multiverse’s clients can choose to have a Content Managemen System added to any of these website design options. A Content Management System (CMS) allows the client to edit and update their own website independently of their web design company.

Electric Multiverse’s CMS option is simple and easy to use – it uses many functions that are similar to MS Word. Electric Multiverse web design offer training and telephone support for their content management system.

Online Webstore

Our Web Design offer an Online Shop & Catalogue System for clients that wish to show a number of products online, and who may wish to sell their products online. We can advise clients as to which payment systems will best suit their requirements and their budgets.

Our develops its own web design software and ecommerce software. At Electric Multiverse Web Design, we have in-house website development capabilities that allow us to build a website to cater for any specific or unique features that a client may wish to include in their website.